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उपनिषदध्ययने तृतीयः (३) सोपानः । आरुणिकोपनिषत् (1-2)

उपनिषदध्ययने तृतीयः (३) सोपानः । आरुणिकोपनिषत् (1-2) Dr. Hari Narayan Bhat very kindly sent following comment on the previous post about आरुणिकोपनिषत् – “….. As I can see from the AruNikA UpaniShad published by Adyar Library, with Sanskrit Commentary, this … Continue reading

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उपनिषदध्ययने द्वितीयः (२) सोपानः । – आरुणिकोपनिषत्

उपनिषदध्ययने द्वितीयः (२) सोपानः । (१) आरुणिकोपनिषत् To commence the study of UpaniShads, I would like to start with आरुणिकोपनिषत् This is possibly the shortest उपनिषत् since it has only a single paragraph ! Also, it is more prose, though … Continue reading

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(1) What are UpaniShat-s ?

उपनिषदध्ययने प्रथमः (१) सोपानः । First Step in study of UpaniShads काः उपनिषदः ? What are UpaniShat-s ? The word उपनिषत् is a feminine noun स्त्रीलिङ्गि नाम । The Sanskrit term Upaniṣad derives from upa- उप (nearby), ni- नि (at … Continue reading

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प्रस्तावना Introduction

This is an attempt to study उपनिषद-s by the procedure, outlined in the “About” page of this blog. Many great sages have written commentaries on उपनिषद-s. This study will yet be different, because the outlined procedure itself is different. Commentators … Continue reading

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