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अथर्ववेदीयः शान्तिमन्त्रः – ॐ भद्रं कर्णेभिः

Among the 18 उपनिषद्-s discussed by आचार्य विनोबाजी in his अष्टादशी, this अथर्ववेदीयः शान्तिमन्त्रः is mentioned as related to 5 उपनिषद्-s, viz. प्रश्न, मंडूक, मांडूक्य, जाबाल and आरुणिक. As per the details given for 108 उपनिषद्-s at “sanskritdocuments-dot-org”, there are total 31 उपनिषद्-s, … Continue reading

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